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                                       The PCAA Outstanding High School Graduate Award Program


1.  Objectives


·         The selection of “The PCAA Outstanding High School Graduate”(s) from the PCAA community for their academic excellence, extracurricular achievements, Chinese language proficiency, and community services.  Additional achievement awards can be bestowed through this evaluation process by the scholarship committee for qualified candidates who did not get selected as “The PCAA Outstanding High School Graduate” but with exceptional achievements worthy of the recognition by PCAA.

·         By recognizing our students in public, such as in high school graduations, awards ceremonies and newspaper articles, the Peninsula Chinese American Association will be recognized on the Peninsula as a contributor to the community for what we believe in.


2.  The Amount and The Number of Awards


·         The amount of scholarship for “The PCAA Outstanding High School Graduate” is $300. The number of recipients may be more than one.  The Scholarship Committee makes the recommendation on this selection subjected to approval by the PCAA board. 

·         The Scholarship Committee makes recommendation on the number and amount of scholarship for the additional achievement awards subjected to approval by the PCAA board.


3.  Procedures for Applications


·         Request the award program descriptions and application form from PCAA board members or access such information at the PCAA website with URL at http://www.pcaa-va.org. You may download directly the PCAA Outstanding High School Graduate Award Program Description and PCAA Outstanding High School Graduate Award Application Form, both in PDF format.


·         Complete and submit the application form with required supporting documents to PCAA at the address listed below:


            PCAA - Scholarship Committee

            P.O. Box 8004

            Yorktown, VA 23693


4.  Deadline for Application


·         The deadline is April 30th.


5.  Requirement for Consideration for Scholarship


·         A graduating high school senior whose parents or legal guardians are Peninsula** residents and active members of PCAA for the last three years. (**: Peninsula is the region that covers Hampton, Newport News, York County, Poquoson and Williamsburg.)

·         An official High School transcript, and SAT report must be attached with the application. Optionally, submittals of AP score report and other recognitions are encouraged.


6.  Qualification


·         Cumulative GPA class standing within top 10% of his/her high school.

·         Special honors through participation in competitions in academic and non-academic areas of talents

·         Records of community services, which demonstrate excellent citizenship

·         Minimum SAT score: 1950


7.  Condition to receive the scholarship


·         The attendance at the PCAA Annual Award Ceremony of the recipient of this scholarship is mandatory.  Otherwise, it will be considered as a forfeit of the scholarship.  PCAA in this case will award the recipient with the honor and a plaque.


All applications submitted including the essays would be the property of PCAA. PCAA may choose at it's own discretion to publish these information on its website or newsletter.





P.O.Box 8004
Yorktown, VA 23693
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