About Us

The Peninsula Chinese American Association (PCAA) is a non-profit organization founded in 1978 with initially several members. The purposes of PCAA are to enhance the education of Peninsula Chinese School and also the sense of identity, purpose, and cultural belonging which can strengthen the members social and intellectual growth; to organize members for meetings and meaningful activities; to communicate with other similar community organizations and to foster understanding and fellowship among individuals interested in the Chinese culture.

Any person of Chinese origin residing in the Virginia Peninsula and its vicinity is eligible for membership. Also, any person who is interested in Chinese culture and supports the cause of the Association may apply for membership. To become an official member is subjected to approval by the membership committee of the Association. Individual or family members must pay a membership fee which is determined by the Association at its annual meeting. Friends of the Peninsula Chinese American Association may be nominated by a member and designated an Honorary Member of the Association by the Membership Committee.

The Peninsula Chinese American Association

Together, we can make a difference.